There is a lot we can do for you as a customer.
This is your multiverse of services.

In this section, new readers, casual readers and collectors will find a place to order books. We have multiple services that can help you with that.
Pre-ordering books. Buying new monthly books or trades. Even buy older books that are still in print. 

With us we make sure to keep you up to date with new incoming books and will get back order of issues you are looking for.

The best way to never miss a book with us is to click the Preview link below or the DC-Connect link and see what is coming up.
As we said, Pre-order is king.
See it, want it, order it and get it when it is out.

New Arrivals

Here you will be able to see the newest arrivals in the comic book industry and make sure you can pre-order these new books. You can also tell us what current books you would like to add to your list and the older books you want us to look for.

Our services are as follows :

Click on the links below for more information

Previews world                   Dc Connect

Send us your references or research track and we will drive you to your precious.

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You want to refill our Conservatory ? tell us about your goods and we'll find their place here.

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We sell Trades Omnibus books...

to complete your collection or start one.

We sell collectibles for yourself or for a gift.

We can order certain pieces from many providers. We can put it on lay-away as well, all you have to do is make sure you top it off every month until it’s paid off. Then it’s going to look awesome in your home.

Our bargain bins do have something for everyone.

As a bookstore, we have great deals on full sets and if that gem you were looking for is there, we are happy you found it with us.

Welcome to Omnibus Bookstore!!!

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